LOVE? What is true love? whether the purpose of love for all human or otherwise? In a romantic situation "when people dare to receive the love, man must dare to accept a breakup" .. There are few people who are not ready for them .. and is willing to accept all that is determined in the case .. my love for both parties should play an important role .. Do not just clever but self-directed "hampeh" .. Every man must have experience in love .. There are permanent and some are only half way .. I do not really like Love Before Wedding because it invites many problems .. MY LOVE AFTER waiting for my Wedding, but there will be? My hope is to LOVE IS SUCI .. When love is blooming beautifully, but when everyone happy love songs of all those dull and suffering? Why such an event should happen ..? Heart should not hurt ... Eventually hurt! wounds treated by myself ... More and more in a day but no one knows .. sits just behind the laughter .. When moving towards love .. love long been considered dead and is considered a new love life .. Has love is to understand the feelings of others as himself in play? Love is not guilty ... The guilty man is man because of their love ... mencorakan and man is not grateful for what is given ... ONLY OWN SELFISH!     

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